1. To the potential candidates that intended to serve and meet the manpower requirement.
2. Human Resource Management department or operations to have suitable candidates through:-
  • Databases on top of existing application
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Working agency
  • Other agencies
  • Department of Labor
  • Introduced by a worker or an individual


1. To ensure selection of suitable candidates to meet the company’s need of manpower.
2. To prepare an effective and consistent system of recruitment in choosing or selecting suitable candidates and qualified to meet the needs of the     company.
3. Selection of suitable candidates for a particular recruitment needs to align with the guidelines below that was defined by Human Resources     Department and Ministry of Home Affairs:-
    • Brief Listing
    • Training Evaluation
    • Interview
    • Security Guard inspection – free-criminal records or drugs
    • Probation
    • Appointment (Hiring)
    All potential workers who receives an offer for the job is subject to the requirement as below:
    • Proof of personal details for eg: age, qualification, working experience, adequate references, expertise and others and also it should meet all the     qualification laid out by the company.
    • Minimum qualification is PMR (Lower Secondary Examination). Experience in the army and police sector is an added     value.
    • Applicant aged from 18 years old until 60 years old are encouraged to apply.
    • Applicant aged more than 60 years old and certified fit for health to work by any hospitals or any medical centers will be     considered.
    • Issuance of work letter that is signed by Manager / Head of Human Resource Management.
    • All new workers are under probation.
    • Probation period to start from the date of started working until a minimum of 3 months and awaiting the decision from Security Screening by       KDN.
    • All workers will be given a confirmation letter after qualified for the job after the probation period unless otherwise     indicated.
    • Probation period can be extended for duration period of 3 months. In such situation whereby the workers are still unfit     for confirmation.


1. Orders
   All security guards and officers must obey to all orders or Permanent Injunction of the company that is given by the    authorities whether it is written or oral without any objection
2. Discipline
   All security guards need to be discipline and friendly to all residences, visitors, public, authorities and subordinates at all    time with high courtesy.
3. Attires
   All security guards must be in full uniform including head cover. Hair must always be short and neat as well as comply with    company’s order pertaining attires.
4. Work Procedures
       4.1 All security guards must be alert at all time.
       4.2 All security guards are not allowed to chit chat in any store / shop or any office building.
       4.3 All security guards are not allowed to lean on the wall or sleep while on duty.
       4.4 All security guards are not allowed to leave the sentry post while on duty or before the replacement guard arrives.
       4.5 All security guards are not allowed to take their job with ignorance.
       4.6 All security guards are not allowed to sleep while on duty.
       4.7 All security guards need to report every incident that happened at their responsible area to their authorities.
       4.8 All security guards are not allowed to take alcohol or under the influence of alcohol or drugs while on duty.
       4.9 All security guards are not allowed to take good that are not owned or asset-keeping, share, show off expensive goods            or not without permission or through sale and transfer.
       4.10 All security guards are not allowed to leave or do sightseeing around the area of duty, holiday (work day off), off-duty            time or after duty time.
       4.11 All security guards are not allowed to carry along any video equipment, recording, machine or camera while on-duty            unless it is allowed by the management.
       4.12 All security guards are not allowed to abuse the power, enter into a fight, going against or using abusive language            towards the authorities, residences, colleague or visitor at all-time unless their own situation is being threatened and           endangered.
5. Security Screening
   All security guards must go through a security screening from ’KDN’ to ensure no criminal records and drugs. This process    will go through a period of not less than three months; those who fail in the screening process will be terminated.
6. Health
   All security guards must be in good health physically and mentally before being allowed to work with the company.
7. Equipment
   All security guards must be fully equipped with note book, pen, whistle, baton, identity tag, walkie-talkie, torchlight, raincoat    and umbrella.
8. Log Book
   All security guards must ensure all diaries and record books are kept safe and proper as well as validated by their senior    officers and / or management from time to time.