1. To the potential candidates that intended to serve and meet the manpower requirement.
2. Human Resource Management department or operations to have suitable candidates through:-
  • Databases on top of existing application
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Working agency
  • Other agencies
  • Department of Labor
  • Introduced by a worker or an individual


1. To ensure selection of suitable candidates to meet the company’s need of manpower.
2. To prepare an effective and consistent system of recruitment in choosing or selecting suitable candidates and qualified to meet the needs of the     company.
3. Selection of suitable candidates for a particular recruitment needs to align with the guidelines below that was defined by Human Resources     Department and Ministry of Home Affairs:-
    • Brief Listing
    • Training Evaluation
    • Interview
    • Security Guard inspection – free-criminal records or drugs
    • Probation
    • Appointment (Hiring)
    All potential workers who receives an offer for the job is subject to the requirement as below:
    • Proof of personal details for eg: age, qualification, working experience, adequate references, expertise and others and also it should meet all the     qualification laid out by the company.
    • Minimum qualification is PMR (Lower Secondary Examination). Experience in the army and police sector is an added     value.
    • Applicant aged from 18 years old until 60 years old are encouraged to apply.
    • Applicant aged more than 60 years old and certified fit for health to work by any hospitals or any medical centers will be     considered.
    • Issuance of work letter that is signed by Manager / Head of Human Resource Management.
    • All new workers are under probation.
    • Probation period to start from the date of started working until a minimum of 3 months and awaiting the decision from Security Screening by       KDN.
    • All workers will be given a confirmation letter after qualified for the job after the probation period unless otherwise     indicated.
    • Probation period can be extended for duration period of 3 months. In such situation whereby the workers are still unfit     for confirmation.


      • The guard in the control room needs to check all panels of the fire alarm; switch off the alarm and separate the alarm to         the affected zone only.
      • The guard needs to check the affected zone and to ensure whether it is a true or false fire alarm whereby the false fire         alarm will be activated due to insect or dust.
      • In the real case of true fire alarm and there is fire, but it is minimal and at one place, the security guard can put off the         fire using the fire extinguisher.
      • If the fire has spread to a bigger area, try put off the fire using the nearest fire hose. If it is a LARGE fire and spread out         QUICKLY, break the alarm glass nearby to activate the fire alarm and act as a warning of a large fire spread.
      • The guards to call firefighters rescue team immediately; to activate the fire squad to put off the fire (while waiting the         firefighters) and also evacuation, including the visitors from the building / premise.